Jesus says come!  "Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."  Only in Jesus is there true rest for our souls.  Jesus loves us so much that He suffered and died for our sins, because there was no other remedy.  The penalty for our sins is death.  And all of us have sinned.  We know that.  Because of the law, we have all been found guilty before God.  None of us have perfectly kept God's holy laws.  But Jesus, who is a part of the Godhead, became a man, came to earth, and lived for about 33 years.  He went about doing good, healing all them that were oppressed of the devil.  Then He was mercilessly tortured and crucified, nailed to a tree, in your place and in mine.  We should have died on that tree.  We have sinned against God.  Jesus lived a good and peaceful and perfect life, only bringing healing and hope and life to people everywhere He went.  God raised Jesus from the dead after three days, and every person who calls upon His name in faith, with a repentant heart for their sins, shall be saved!  Please do not reject the wonderful love of God.  Please come to Him, and turn away from your sins.  The devil wants to keep you bound and take your soul to hell, but if you will turn with all of your heart to Jesus Christ He will destroy the power of the devil in your life, forgive your sins, and fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you can live a life of victory in fellowship with your heavenly Father!  Not only that, but if you are sick, He promises He will heal you, no matter what it is!  And if you have any needs, He promises that He will supply them.  All you have to do is continue to believe in Him, and follow Him.  Read your Bible everyday and pray and worship Him and He will direct your life and bless you more than you can every imagine.  And at the end of this life, He will escort you to the beautiful place that He has gone to prepare for all of His children--heaven, where we will be in the glorious presence of God forever and ever. Jesus Christ is soon to return--I believe in the next few years.  Please do not wait to repent and believe in His love.  He has given us all a choice who we will serve.  You can live for yourself and the devil or you can live for God and for others!  One path leads to heaven and one path leads to hell.  No matter what you have done or what kind of life you have lived, if you will repent and turn to Jesus, He will forgive you.  Jesus says, whosoever will, let Him come and drink freely of the waters of life!  Take a drink!  Trust me, it sure tastes good!  Brother Isaac