America’s Last Call

(written by Brother Isaac Prather as it was given to me in prayer on 5/23/2017)

America the beautiful—THAT used to be your name

Such beauty from sea to shining sea, but now you’re filled with shame.

Upon My Word My servants formed your laws and constitution

Your government was created as a godly-institution

God-fearing men did worship me, and sought to know My ways

The White House, House of Congress, and the Senate gave Me praise

They read My Word to understand how to govern men

They founded laws to punish crimes that the Bible says are sins

And so I blessed this nation as Israel of old

When others heard how great She was, the half had not been told

But now She has forgotten that I’m who prospered Her

Almighty God, the Judge of All—Of that you can be sure

And now She’s thought to change her laws—No longer are they holy

She flaunts her sins and wickedness because She doesn’t know Me

She thinks her own strength made her great—Her pride is at it’s full

And now My holy ways She hates—Her eyes are filled with wool

Babies by the millions has She killed without a blush

So their mothers can keep having sex to get another rush

And marriage is a taboo word—few want it anymore

No longer is it seen as wrong to be an unchaste whore

But I created marriage as the highest and the best

But, sad to say, America has greatly failed My test

Marriage is to be between one woman and one man

But wicked judges changed your laws to what I never planned

Men with men doing things that never should be done

Women with women acting as men—but they will NEVER be ONE

As I said in My Word, it will be again as the days of Lot

When I return to judge the world—because you obeyed not.

America, America—Don’t you see I’ve waited long?

I’ve called unto you, and called unto you, hoping you’d see you’re wrong

But further and further you’ve run from Me and NEVER have returned

You’ve paid no attention to Sodom, who for the same sins I burned

Your education system at first was based upon My Word

Little boys and girls came to school, and My truths they heard

They were taught to fear My name, and to always pray

And that they’d stand before Me, and be judged by My Word some day

But then wicked people took prayer out of school, while My people SLEPT

Then they forbid for My Word to be read, to teach in school My precepts

And forbidding My Truth, they permitted a lie to be taught to the children instead

They were taught they evolved from a monkey and they acted as though I were dead.

So the fear of God left them to do as they please—for why should they even care?

Why should they fight to do what is right, if there is no Holy God there?

If there is no day of judgment, if they need not give account?

If there is no Savior Who died for their sins—if there is no cleansing fount?

If you will return unto Me, put prayer back into the schools

Teach the children My holy Word, lest they also become fools.

Put judges into your courts who know between right and wrong

Make homosexuality illegal again, and enforce your laws—MAKE THEM STRONG!

Make abortion the crime of murder it is, and never from it turn back

Arrest every doctor or woman who’s found to have done such a cruel, heinous act-

Return unto Me, America, I plead with you just once more

And if you don’t heed the words that I say, you will hate the judgment in store

For mean nations I’ll raise up against you—they’ll come as a blazing fire

And your nation will burn as Gomorrah of old, and you’ll find that I am no liar

In mercy, I’ve called you again and again

To flee from your lies and transgressions and sins

But you’ve hardened your hearts and perverted the world

So little esteeming the Great Priceless Pearl

America, America—Your judgment is near,

Unless you are broken, and soon learn to fear!

Unless you are humbled, repenting in truth

Then soon no one will recognize you

One short moment is all that you’ve got

Before America—before She is not-Type your paragraph here.