Preachers of Righteousness

Where are the preachers of righteousness?

That look not at the faces of men,

But that preach the Word of the Lord in truth

And lead lost souls from the paths of sin?


Where are the preachers that preach for God?

And have a, “Thus saith the Lord”?

For into His presence their soul has trod,

So with boldness they carry His Sword!


Where are the preachers that pray all night?

That wrestle until the dawn breaks,

Who when they speak, God’s glory descends

And the sinners begin to shake!?


Where are the preachers that hell so fears?

Who come in the nick of time?

To snatch sleepy souls from the fires below

Who care more for sinners than dimes?


Where are the preachers that preach the way holy?

That preach the path narrow and straight

That lift up the blood of Jesus the Lord

As the one single key to the gate?


Where are the preachers that never stop warning?

That never stop making it plain,

No matter what price the devil does offer?

Regardless what fortune or fame?





Where are the preachers that have no fear,

But for God and His terrible wrath?

Who, when they preach, God’s holy saints

Are made glad of their demon-fought path


Where are the preachers with tears in their eyes?

And with no blood at all on their hands

Because they would never compromise

And, like Noah, they took a firm stand?


Where are these preachers? We need them today!

Lord, send them from far and from near!

Raise them up, Oh, Lord, I pray!

To herald your truth plain and clear!


Where are the preachers with love in their hearts?

And eternity stamped on their eyes?

Whose only mission is preparing a people,

To meet their dear Lord in the skies?


Where are the preachers like Elijah of old?

Who confront the false prophets so bold?

Because they’ve turned God’s people so cold

And led His sheep from the fold!?


Where are the preachers that know that their God

Will answer by fire again?

If He can find one that will stand in the gap

And will preach against nothing but sin!



Written By:

Evangelist Isaac Prather